Frequently Asked Questions

How do I operate?

I will travel to your home and take the lesson there.  Usually the lessons last for one hour but this can vary depending on the level of the student and their age. I also cater for small family groups of 2 and 3 students at a time.

One to One advantages

The lessons are tailored to the student’s requirements.  I always ask about their area of difficulties first and often run a quick diagnostic assessment within the first couple of weeks.  At school your child might only receive only 2 minutes of personal attention, within a class of 30 pupils, in a 1 hour lesson whereas I can provide a concentrated 1 hour block.

What is my success rate?

Over 90% of my students pass their GCSE at grade C or above at age 16.  I can arrange for early GCSEs and to date the youngest student was aged 12 when they passed their GCSE in maths at grade C. 

To maximise my success rate at the end of each lesson I provide verbal feedback on the progress of your son or daughter so that you are aware of any topics your child needs to practice before the next lesson.

Usually students move up by at least a grade after a series of one to one sessions.

How must does a lesson cost?

usually charge between £20 and £25 per hour depending on your location and the level of your child.